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Who Do We Serve

Center School supports and educates students in grades 1-8 with average to above-average cognitive ability who have academic challenges related to:
          • Dyslexia/SLD-R
          • Dysgraphia/SLD-W
          • Dyscalculia/SLD-M
          • ADHD
          • Auditory Processing Disorder
          • Executive Functioning Disorder
Center School is unable to program for students who require:
  • 1:1 wraparound services
  • Behaviors that include but are not limited to:
    • Elopement
    • Verbal Aggression
    • Physical Aggression
  • Have a diagnosis that includes but is not limited to:
    • Emotional Disturbance (ED)
    • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
    • Intellectual Disability (ID)