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Center School Support Triangle

The Center School Support Triangle defines student success. This triangle symbolizes the importance of relationship development among Center School, families, and students. When all parties have open and honest communication, we have found that our students are more likely to make significant advances in their learning.
Center School Support Triangle
Parent involvement motivates children to learn. When parents and teachers are connected, students have better attendance records, higher aspirations, and more positive attitudes toward school and homework.
The higher the degree of parental involvement and school support, the higher the impact on a child's academic achievement.
This strategy will help educate, connect and empower our families and our community to seek insight, support and develop an understanding of how to receive support for children who learn differently. 
Throughout the year, seminars will be held for teachers, advocates, parents, and other community members who wish to learn more and receive information not only on Center School and its programming but about research and studies related to educating and supporting children who learn differently.