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Strategic Plan

For years, Sue Floyd and Kathy Hunt knew that their sons’ unique learning styles were not being met in a traditional educational setting. They believed that all children are capable of learning and should be provided with an education that meets their individual needs. Having experienced learning environments that did not address the needs of dyslexic children, Sue and Kathy knew they needed to act. In 1989, they founded Center School, an amazing and exemplary school with a mission to support students who learn differently.

Center School quickly became an incredibly successful model, and it was the first of its kind in the Abington area. Students who came to Center School were finally getting what they could not receive elsewhere: a personalized education. The unique learning styles of students were addressed so that they could finally realize their potential. This model has successfully served thousands of students and their families for over 30 years.

As we looked to the future, we wanted to ensure that Center School continued to provide the best educational experience possible to our students and their families. We soon realized that evaluating our practices was paramount. We engaged board members, administration, faculty, staff, families, and students, both current and past, in a process that guided us down a path of reviewing and renewing our practices. With their support, a strategic plan was created that will lead Center School to an even brighter future over the next five years.

Our Strategic Plan focuses on four main goals:

1. Elevate Visibility and Value
2. Invest in Program Innovation and Excellence
3. Forge Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnerships
4. Strengthen Center School’s Capacity to Plan and Execute Sustainable Growth Strategies

We are fully prepared to achieve these goals and implement targeted strategies to retain the legacy of Center School with our incredibly supportive community. We look forward to sharing the progress of our plan and partnering with you to achieve our goals to support even more families for another 30 years and beyond.