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Home of the Center School Jaguars!

The Center School Jaguars are fierce! They value sportsmanship and teamwork, and above everything else, they are determined to play their best game, whatever the sport. 

Image of Jaguar head.

The Jaguars are students in grades 5-8 who participate in competitive team sports such as soccer, basketball, and softball.

Led by Coach Copeland, students are taught discipline; how to handle themselves during a game, endurance; how to train and recover from each match and honor; how to play fair, and uphold their integrity. 

Center School's Cubs, students in grades 1-4, enjoy physical education classes twice a week. During these classes, the cubs learn; how to play co-ed sports, what it means to have good sportsmanship, what physical endurance means, and build a love for physical activity. 

"A special thank you must go out to Coach C. Thank you for your time and dedication to the Jaguars! M. has grown to love all sports because of you and your coaching." ~ J. Family.