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Academic Program

A comprehensive academic program is provided for Center School students in first through eighth grade. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students and reflect the best of current research. Students receive explicit instruction in academic, organizational, and study skills to provide them with the strategies they need to become independent and confident learners.  In Middle School, an advisory system teaches students how to set goals and celebrate their strengths and interests.
Center School’s curriculum is language-based, recognizing the role that language plays in academic success. Using the Pennsylvania Core Standards as a guideline, full curriculum instruction is offered through a structured, multi-sensory approach based on students’ needs and designed to address each child’s learning needs through small group instruction.  The curriculum can be adjusted to be taught at an appropriate pace for a student’s individual level of learning.
"Seeing my child happy and successful is incredible to see! Thank you!" ~ J. Family. 
"My child is reading! He has a love of books and enjoys coming to school. You are amazing!" ~ T. Family. 
"Thank you for being so supportive to my family and to all of the students at Center School." ~ H. Family.