Give the Gift of Education this Year

"Giving Tuesday" is a global day of charitable giving that takes place on the Tuesday following the American Thanksgiving holiday. It serves as a contrast to the consumer-focused Black Friday and Cyber Monday, encouraging people to shift their focus towards charitable activities and contributions.
The movement began in 2012 as a response to the commercialization and consumerism surrounding the post-Thanksgiving season. Giving Tuesday harnesses the power of social media and collaboration to promote generosity and philanthropy.
Center School student, happy in schoolOn this day, individuals, organizations, and communities are encouraged to come together and give back to causes they care about. This can involve making financial donations, volunteering time and skills, or simply spreading awareness about various charitable organizations and their missions.
As Center School enters its 35th year of educating students who learn differently, we reflect on all of the support we have received since our inception, and how many lives have been impacted because of our donors and supporters over the years. 
The objective of Giving Tuesday is to create a collective impact and promote a spirit of generosity and kindness during the holiday season.
As you enjoy the holidays we ask that you consider Center School on this day of giving and help us reach our fundraising goals. 
"I truly believe EVERY child, no matter their learning style, should have access to a school like Center School where students experience a learning environment in which teachers and administrators alike are wholly committed to each child’s success and growth. Today, I am asking you to consider making a donation to Center School so that children like my son can continue to receive the education and support that they deserve and need". ~ A Current Center School Family. 

Donate today!