Dyslexia Simulation.

Center School is to host a dyslexia simulation on September 28, 2023.
Provided by the Pennsylvania Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (PBIDA), this simulation will provide insight into dyslexia and how it feels to be dyslexic.
The simulation begins with a brief discussion of dyslexia, including the neurological basis, the demographics, and the interventions shown through solid research to have a positive impact.
Participants then participate in a series of simulated activities that mimic the experiences and processing of those with dyslexia.
  • Learn to Read simulates a beginning reading problem
  • Listen to Me simulates an auditory processing problem
  • Write with Mirrors simulates a visual-motor and writing problem
  • Alphabet Arithmetic simulates issues with timed tests and memorization
  • Write, or Left simulates a copying and dictation problem
  • “E”asy Spelling simulates a spelling test with multiple spelling of a sound
Contact Heidi Mozzillo - [email protected] to reserve your seat!