Center School Celebrates and Honors Our Students!

In 2012, when I began my journey at Center School as a middle school teacher, I quickly realized how different Center School was from other schools.  Here, teachers were given the autonomy to exercise their professional judgment in addressing their students’ needs.  Because of this, Center School students responded positively to this kind of instruction which was, and continues to be vastly different from what they had received before.
I also quickly realized that Center School students were different from other students I had previously taught. First, and most importantly, they were acutely aware of their learning differences and how it impacted their learning.  Second, as a result of this knowledge, they self-advocated for what they needed in order to ensure their own path to success and growth.  Third, they were able to identify their strengths and use this awareness to leverage their challenges.  Truly, Center School students were unique!
Now, as the Head of School, I am fortunate to witness the success of our students globally, and I see incredible results.  Each day, I am in awe of the grit, determination, and resilience that our students exhibit and how these traits translate into the achievements reflected below.  Before finding their way to Center School, students may not have been able to imagine, let alone reach, these successes.
Growth chart od student in 7th grade.
I am incredibly proud of Center School students, past, present, and future, and their dedication to their learning and self-development.
Mindy Wawrzyniak
Head of School