Center School receives EITC donation from Republic Bank

Center School is pleased to have received a generous EITC donation from Republic Bank to support our scholarship program.  This donation was presented by Vice President, Retail Market Manager Anthony Cavaliere and Assistant Vice President, Store Manager Jill Clegg, to Center School’s Head of School, Mindy Wawrzyniak.

EITC and OSTC programs allow businesses and individuals that pay taxes to the State of Pennsylvania to support scholarships for low/middle income students at schools such as Center School.  In the process, these businesses realize remarkable tax advantages.  EITC and OSTC are actual credits against most state taxes owed by the donor business, and 90% of the gift may qualify.  In effect, it costs a dime to give a dollar.  The contribution may also be deducted for federal tax purposes, further decreasing the out-of-pocket cost of making scholarship gifts for the benefit of Center School students.

EITC and OSTC donations to Center School are a vital part of Center School’s scholarship program.  With these donations, students who may not otherwise be able to attend Center School due to financial limitations are able to access the specialized education they need.

The entire Center School community appreciates Republic Bank’s commitment to the mission of the School and the students and families it serves.