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In this hands-on professional learning workshop, you will learn to code in both TI-Basic and Python using Texas Instruments graphing calculators, allowing you to incorporate coding into your school and classroom. The session will begin with an overview of TI calculators, followed by learning to code on the calculator and then adding on the microcontroller, the TI-Innovator Hub.
Texas Instrument Python CalculatorThe hub will collect data, which the calculator can analyze and then use to produce an output based on the code that you write in the session. The workshop will conclude with a demo of the TI-Innovator Rover and, time permitting, flying a drone using the python code and micro:bit technology. Throughout the session, participants will discuss the various ways that you can integrate the STEM solutions from Texas Instruments into your classroom and plan out how to get students into coding at the best pace for them. 
You will also gain access to a plethora of free resources that Texas Instruments provides for users of the products as well as a YouTube channel that has over 90 videos on the ways to use the classroom solutions from Texas Instruments. Demo calculators will be available for attendees who do not bring their own.
Seminar details: 
When: April 13th, 2023 at 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: Center School, 2450 Hamiton Avenue, Abington, PA, 19001
Act 48 credits available*
Light refreshments will be available. 
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*How Do I Get Act 48 Hours?
  • Present this information to your school administrator to determine whether they will grant you Act 48 hours for this event.
  • Attend the event and complete the sign-in sheet with your name and email.
  • After the event, you will receive a certificate of completion via email, which you can submit to your administrator and ask them to add the two Act 48 hours for you.