Center School's Art Program is going to be EPIC this year!

Center School’s art program allows students to explore their creativity through a variety of media. They may render in pencil or color media on drawing projects. Watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paint are choices. Students can also access a potter’s wheel and kiln to work on clay. 

Our art program is designed for smaller groups and takes place two to four times a week, depending on grade level. Our Art Teacher, Mrs. Kowalchuk, takes time to learn each child’s strengths, challenge areas, and interests outside of school. These outside interests are used as subject matter during class, helping to engage students in their creativity. 

This year’s curriculum is the Elements and Principles Integrated Curriculum or EPIC. These lessons provide the building blocks for creating and discussing art. In this unit, each student will explore the use of lines in their art and the art of others. What does the line do to the viewer's eye? How might lines express emotion? An example of a principle of design is the proportion or the size of an object relative to other objects. Lessons include portrait drawing with an emphasis on the size of one part of the body when compared to the whole. 

Artwork made by students will be kept here at school and displayed throughout the year. Students will choose their favorite creations to be showcased at the Annual Art Show held in Spring. Students will bring their art home in a portfolio at the end of the school year.  

In addition to the art program held during the school day, students can choose to explore art in the after-school Art Club.