A New Take On March Madness – Building Literacy Skills.

Miss Brown,  Mrs. Niewood, and Mrs. Benbow’s middle school classes are in a fierce March Madness Reading Competition. Students and teachers in each class are to read various books throughout March, summarize it, and receive points. Students worksheet for March Madness Activity.

The three reading classes created their teams and designed jerseys. In order to earn points, to move through the bracket, students have to choose a book or short story and then summarize the material they have just read. Depending on the book’s length, students can earn different levels of points (200+ pages gets three points!) to move through the bracket.

In addition to the competition,  in Miss Brown’s writing class, students are tasked with researching the current basketball teams in the bracket. Part of this research is to investigate each school’s history, stats, and players! After organizing the information gathered, the students will construct a research paper on their findings. At the end of the tournament, they will present their team and school to the entire class. 

Student using computer for research.

Center School uses a multi-modal approach to learning, and this is just another way we energize students and build their love for reading and writing!