Why Donate?

feature-photo-donateOver twenty five years ago, Center School was founded to give children with learning differences who struggle in school a new educational environment that would combine the best of current teaching practices with an understanding of individual needs and the goal of nurturing self-esteem and self- advocacy.

Today, our classrooms reflect this vision, giving our students the best instruction in the most effective ways, propelling them forward, building confidence and enabling them to achieve success at Center School and beyond.

Our graduates are fulfilling the dream. They are succeeding in high schools, colleges and careers. Center School made a difference in their lives.

We look forward to the next twenty five years and the wonderful students who will gain a solid educational foundation at Center School.

We believe that every child who struggles with learning, and could benefit from Center School’s proven approach to education, should have that opportunity.

But providing the excellence in education we offer at Center School takes more than tuition alone. It takes ongoing support from those who believe in the potential of our students and want to make a difference in their lives.

Why not join us today and make a donation that will change a life?

We appreciate your support.


Sue Floyd
Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board