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feature-photo-6What’s so different about this place?

Center School is a small school that allows you to get a ton of hands-on learning opportunities and one-on-one time with the teacher. Teachers here work really hard to make sure that you understand directions and they teach you cool strategies for reading comprehension and phonics. Even our math and science instruction is interactive and online!

One important thing that students learn at Center School is how to set goals. Once you decide what your goal is, your teachers will help you decide on what steps you need to take in order to reach your goal and they will support you as you work to reach it. You will also learn self-advocacy (speaking up for yourself in a positive way), and metacognition (learning about how you think and learn). It’s totally okay to make a mistake here, because how else are you going to learn?

This school is as unique as YOU!

LD Resources for Kids:

If you are struggling in school or have recently found out that you have a “Learning Disability” you’ve come to the right place!

The fact is, the term “disability” doesn’t describe what we see and what we believe here at Center School.  Our students do have different strengths and areas of weakness, but they all learn to persevere using tools and strategies to be successful.

We see students who think and learn differently every day. We also see potential and unique abilities in each one of our students. So, welcome.

Access more information on the following pages:

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Awesome for Middle School Students

Books and Authors to get EXCITED about:

When is the last time you were excited about reading? Finding the right book is a huge part of what helps readers develop good reading habits. Luckily there are amazing authors and illustrators who have unique styles and genres. Here at Center School, we love to read and share some of our favorite author websites and books.

Check out some of these creative authors and illustrators:

Great websites and other stuff: