Classroom Arts

feature-photo-classroom artCenter School provides opportunities for all students to participate in Art, Music and Drama classes.

The Art Program

The art curriculum at Center School provides opportunities for students to develop skills necessary to perceive and respond to visual arts, to gain an understanding of them as an essential aspect of human experience, and to cultivate an ability to make aesthetic judgements. At Center School we use a Discipline-Based Arts Education (DBAE) model. DBAE is a framework that insures that all students receive a rigorous study of the visual arts. DBAE presents a sound art curriculum including the following components, Art Production, Art History, Art Criticism and Aesthetics. Each grade level works in a variety of media, such as, paint and clay, to explore the principles and elements of design in both three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional art work. Every year lessons build upon the former years, forming a foundation for understanding artistic principles. Many units in art are approached in an interdisciplinary manner with teachers from different classrooms teaching the same subject matter to reinforce learning. These components of the art program create a well-rounded art curriculum.

The Drama Program

Our Drama program is popular with both Lower and Middle School students. It’s remarkable to watch our students come alive on the stage, some for the very first time with new-found confidence!

The Music Program

Center School offers Lower School students violin, taught in the Suzuki method, by Marjie Semanski, a dedicated Suzuki Violin, Viola and Piano instructor, who has taught for over ten years. This world-renowned method, developed by a Japanese violinist Shin’ichi Suzuki, has at its core a belief that everyone is capable of learning in the right environment. Marjie believes strongly in the Suzuki philosophy of student, parent and teacher working together as a team and believes communication between parent and teacher is the key to success.