Why We’re Different

feature-photo-why-were-differentWelcome to Center School, a Philadelphia-area private school with a successful 25-year track record of providing children who learn differently with a personalized education to unlock their potential and reshape the way they view themselves and their future.

If your child is struggling in school, having difficulty reading, or has been diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD, or an auditory processing disorder, you probably have a lot of questions.

We understand.  Because we’ve been there.

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that every student is capable of academic, social and emotional growth, and we are  dedicated to designing instructional programs which foster each child’s optimal development through the use of small group instruction. This involves ongoing diagnosis of the strengths and needs of each student, appropriate instructional placement and a team approach to working with the students.

Our objective is to retain the excellence of an established program while integrating the best of current research and practice. We work to enhance the academic, social and emotional coping skills needed for future success.

Center School’s curriculum is language-based, recognizing the role that language plays in academic success. Full curriculum instruction is offered through a structured, multi-sensory approach, based on the students’ needs, and designed to address each child’s learning needs through small group instruction.

Our History

Founded in 1989 by Kathy Hunt and Susan Floyd, both of whom have dyslexic sons, Center School was formed out of the belief that children who struggled with reading and learning would thrive in an environment where their challenges were understood, their strengths celebrated, and their needs addressed.

The accomplishments of these women have not gone unnoticed.

In 2010, the Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association presented Kathy Hunt with the ‘Janet L. Hoopes Award’ for her distinguished contribution to the field of learning disabilities.

In 2011, the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) presented both Susan Floyd and Kathy Hunt with the ‘Visionary Service Award’ in recognition of their extraordinary vision and commitment to providing the best possible education for students who learn differently.

Center School continues to be viewed as the trusted advisor for educators throughout the Delaware Valley, providing expertise in every issue related to learning differences.