At Center School, the spotlight is truly on your child. Center School humbly, yet expertly, provides an individualized education for children who learn differently. Our two children have been at the school for 5 years, starting in 1st and 3rd grades. In our five years, we have experienced both the lower and middle schools and can attest to Center School’s effective and individualized education, the warmth of the teachers and staff, and the overall positive environment that supports the whole child. Center School is truly a hidden gem of a school.
— Parent

Five years ago, I took my son to Childhood Solutions. At that time, he was diagnosed with ADD. The following school year, he enrolled in Center School, because he was a year behind in math and reading and we knew he needed the small classroom size, more individualized attention, and strategies to overcome his differences.  

He spent two years at CS, and then enrolled in a rigorous private school starting in 8th grade. He thrived there, and continues to thrive. He credits his success to Center School – 100%!

Recently we had him tested again at Childhood Solutions. After the testing, the psychologist commented, “Center School really worked for you, didn’t it!” She had been shocked at the amazing progress he made, and I know he shared with her his feelings about all he learned at CS and how it changed him as a student.

— Parent

Three years ago, when our daughter started at Center School, Mrs. J told us that her goals were to demystify Michaela, so she would understand why she was having a hard time, to teach her strategies she could use, and to help her become a respectful self-advocate. Well, she started at SLA this fall. On her second day of school, unprompted by anyone, she stopped to speak to each teacher at the end of class. She told each teacher that she has ADHD and learning differences, that “this is an explanation, not an excuse,” that she has strategies and is working on using them, and that the teacher should have a signal for her when she is talking too much. Wow. Mission accomplished!
— Parent

Center School is pivotal in the narrative of Edward’s life and that of our family. It, meaning the institution and the fine educators, gave us hope for his future. We believed in Center School’s assessment of his strengths and their confidence in addressing his relative weaknesses. The unfailing support and excellent instruction he received provided the scaffolding for his future academic work as well as his confidence. As I’ve often said, the day Edward started Center School was the first day that could take a deep breath and know that he would be okay.
— Parent

Jade always referred to herself as “stupid” because she could not read. Several attempts were made to provide extra tutorial assistance, to no avail. It was not until Jade was accepted into your school that she began the process of acquiring the necessary skills to become proficient in reading and spelling. I attribute Jade’s success to the support she received from CS’s professional and supportive staff members and her two special teachers.
— Grandmother

I know that I would not be the person I am today without the experiences and support CS provided me. I know that it is one of the reasons that I am passionate about education.
— Graduate

It has been a wonderful, amazing, loving, nurturing, educational, supportive journey for my daughter. It is very difficult to put into words the heartfelt gratitude my husband and I have for your staff. Our little, not-so-confident, intelligent Joanna started at CS and was received with acceptance and love.
— Parent

When I got home from work today, my husband told me our daughter had done all of her homework without complaint (or assistance). She then tracked him down and made him sit so that she could read out loud to him.

At dinnertime, she got up from the table, retrieved the story that she brought home from school, asked us to make predictions, told us about her favorite parts, read aloud to us all, and defined the word jeering. She was so excited about reading that she hardly ate her dinner. Then, she explained to me about the “9 lines” and wrote down a bunch of math problems for me to solve. After dinner, she talked with me about beats and asked me to bang out a few different beats on her drum.

I have not seen her so excited about school and what she was learning since kindergarten (when she used to come home and fill the white dry erase boards in the playroom with “message time plus” messages and make us all point out what we noticed in the writing). THANK YOU for all you are doing for making school fun and, more importantly, making learning accessible to our child again. I was getting a bit teary eyed at dinner just thinking about all you are doing for her and the other kids in your class.

— Parent

One of our teachers asked a new student how he felt about Center School, and his answer says it best, “I no longer feel abandoned.”