Letter from Head of School

This year, we will proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary of nurturing confidence and unlocking potential, clearly illustrated on our new logo, signifying our pride as we begin the celebration of our Silver Anniversary.

For 25 years, we have been providing personalized education to bright students who learn differently.  And for 25 years, we have provided hundreds of students and their families with peace of mind, knowing they found the right school, often after years of frustration.

New students often arrive feeling anxious and discouraged, with their worried parents not far behind.  But by the time they leave Center School, they understand their learning differences and know how to advocate for themselves. They have learned how to read and write with confidence and have a treasure trove of learning strategies to utilize in high school, college and beyond.  Anxiety has disappeared and success, poise and self-confidence have taken its place.  Parents are relieved and many times, the entire family dynamic has changed for the better.

When our school was founded, Kathy Hunt and Susan Floyd understood how important it was for children with learning disabilities to be taught in a non-threatening environment where learning differences are discussed openly and where individual strengths are identified and celebrated. They also knew that a school is only as good as the teachers who teach there.

Center School teachers are highly qualified reading specialists and special educators dedicated to their craft and to the success of each of their students.  They are experts at using educational methods and techniques that foster each child’s maximum academic potential. Our teachers are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach, a multi-sensory method that involves using visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic pathways simultaneously to enhance memory and learning to read, write, and spell.

Center School teachers are trained to identify and utilize student strengths, weaknesses and affinities and use that information to create lessons and set individual student goals.

As we look forward to the next 25 years and beyond, Center School will continue to serve students with learning disabilities, to tailor our instruction to student learning profiles and to foster each child’s optimal development. At the same time, we will continue to scrutinize the best of current research and incorporate the practices we deem most appropriate for our students into our teaching so that we can provide the best possible instruction for the children we serve.

We invite you to visit the school, to meet our devoted faculty and staff, and to see for yourself how the interaction between our students and their teachers transforms lives, allowing us to unlock the potential of every student who enters our halls.


Jeffrey Nick
Head of School